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Bullying and Cyberbullying

Related Online Behavior

Internet Safety Resources

Cyber Surf Island - a game that teaches important cyber safety tips and rules. It has levels in the game by grade starting at third grade up to eighth grade.  
Think. U. Know - an internet safety program that has training for adults as well as a program for kids to learn about online safety. The section for kids has how-to guides, games and tips on online safety.
Digital Safety - a more general informational guide to internet safety but has specific sections on common safety concerns; it covers social media use, keeping kids safe online, cyberbullying and password security.


Cyberbullying Resources

  1. Wakulla School Board Policy 5.321 - Bullying and Harassment
  2.  iSAFE (760) 603.7911 
  3.  National Crime Prevention Council (202) 466.6272
  4. Netsmartz Workshop 1-800-THE-LOST (1.800.843.5678)

Quick Tips

  • Assume that EVERYONE has access to your profile and will use the information to cause you harm.
  • Assume there are predators out there trying to find you based on the information you provide in your profile.
  • Popular internet social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter are prime places for cyberbullying."