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WCSB Employees Retire from Wakulla County Schools

June 11, 2020

“In a typical school year, Wakulla County School Board and individual schools or departments honor their retirees.  Since they did not get to have retirement recognition this year due to the Covid-19 social distancing, the following 2020 retirees have the respect and thanks for years of service from myself and the entire WCSB family,” stated Superintendent Bobby Pearce.

Ruth Ann Glisson
Wakulla Middle School 7th and 8th grade teacher Ruth Ann Glisson retired after 32 years at Wakulla Middle School and 39 years total in education.  She taught History, Science, Reading, Language Arts, Pre-Algebra and Algebra at WMS.

Said WMS Principal Tolar Griffin, “Mrs. Glisson was hired by Mr. Bob Myhre.  With the exception of Mr. Roger Stokley, she worked with every principal at Wakulla Middle School since it opened.  

“She was the backbone of the Wakulla Middle School Algebra program.  Her scores were always among the top ones in Florida. 

“Mrs. Glisson cared for all of her students and worked hard to provide them with the best learning environment.  She was always eager to help and added an extra subject when needed.  She also always volunteered to help at extracurricular events.  She will be missed.”

Vicki Strickland
Exceptional Student Education teacher Vicki Strickland retired after more than 40 years working with preschoolers, elementary children, teenagers and adults, all with a variety of disabilities.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in ESE and a master’s degree in Education.

After teaching for 8 years in Louisiana, she taught ESE classes at Wakulla High School for 10 years, then became an ESE Pre-K teacher at Sopchoppy Education Center for 2 years. Next, she taught middle and high school students at SEC for 6 years. 

After that, she was an ESE Transition/Employment Specialist at WHS for 11 years before moving to her last position at Riversink Elementary School for 3 years as the teacher for students in the Emotional Behavior Disorders program.

“Ms. Strickland transformed the EBD classroom at Riversink Elementary.  She was innovative in classroom management techniques, managing multiple grade levels of children while remaining professional, calm and consistent.

“She handled difficult conversations with parents by showing grace and empathy.  She was a constant advocate for her students, ensuring that they had the best possible school experience,” said RES Principal Simeon Nelson.

Martha Haynes
Martha Haynes retired from teaching English at Wakulla High School after 29 years in education, with the last 5 years at WHS.
Noted WHS Principal Mike Barwick, “Toward the end of their careers, some people get tired and resist new ideas, but Martha Haynes is the exception to every rule. From researching current educational trends to understanding the intricacies of how each of her students learned, there was not a single aspect of teaching that Dr. Haynes did not embrace or excel at.

“To be in a class with Dr. Haynes was to have a teacher who devoted unmatched energy and attention to her students’ learning and intellectual development.

“She is one of those few teachers whose impact is felt immediately and also for years to come. As someone whose instruction was infused with creativity and data, she exemplified both the art and science of teaching. She was a true teacher and her legacy - her love of learning and her dedication to WHS students - will be felt by many for years to come.”
Jollivet Holmes
Beloved Pre-K paraprofessional/Child Development Associate Jollivet Holmes, known to her students as “Ms. Jolli”, retired in April of 2020 after 33 years teaching hundreds of preschool children in Wakulla County.

“Ms. Jolli was a Wakulla Education Center Eaglet and a Medart Mustang during her tenure with the Wakulla County school system.

“She was dedicated to her craft and had the perfect balance of love, kindness, and discipline that our smallest students need as they begin their school careers.

“Ms. Jolli made it very clear that while she is retiring, we will still be able to see her. She plans to volunteer her time by coming back to help with Pre-K whenever she can,” said Medart Elementary School Principal Stan Ward.

Julia Locklear
Julia Locklear retired after 35 years working in Wakulla County Schools in the Food Services Department.  She became a Food Service Manager working at Wakulla High School for several years, and was working at Riversink Elementary School when she retired.

“When Ms. Locklear worked at Wakulla High School, I had the opportunity to watch her in action every day. There was not a teenager she didn’t know at WHS, and she treated each one going through her line with a kind, friendly demeanor.

“There wasn’t any situation that flustered her, especially when lunch was changed all around on testing days or half days. She always had a smile and a kind word for students and adults alike,” said a former WHS administrator. 

Kim Scott
After 35 years of dedication to educating children, Shadeville Elementary School kindergarten teacher Kim Scott hung up her many school hats to embark on a new journey.
Said SES Principal Nick Weaver, “On graduating from FSU with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood and completing her internship at Shadeville Elementary School, Mrs. Scott was hired by former Wakulla County Superintendent David Miller who was principal of SES at the time.
“Throughout her 35 years as a kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Scott’s consistent presence and ‘let’s get it done’ attitude were instrumental in ensuring that her students got a great start to their formal education, and that many of Shadeville’s traditions continued.
“Her vast experience, willingness to share her knowledge, and willingness to help wherever needed were welcomed and appreciated by her colleagues.”
Robert Wallace
Robert “Bob” Wallace retired from working at Wakulla High School after 32 years as a Science teacher, with a specialty in Biology.  He also gave many years of service as the WHS Boys Soccer coach.

“Mr. Wallace was a key teacher in the formation of the WHS Medical Academy.  He went on the initial tour of the few high schools in Florida that had Medical Academies in order to see how they worked. 

“He and the first WHS academy nurse and teachers from various subjects like Math and History framed out how to set up a true academy that incorporated a well-rounded medical education using subjects across different content areas. Mr. Wallace taught the initial ‘Principals of Biomedical Science’ course in the highly successful WHS Medical Academy that still flourishes today,” said a former WHS administrator. 

Fredrick Bochnia
Fredrick “Freddy” Bochnia retired after 10 years working as a bus driver in the Transportation Department.  His bus route consisted of children attending Shadeville Elementary School.

“Mr. Bochnia cared about his students and made sure that their days started out well and ended on a positive note as he was the first and last WCSB employee to see our children every day,” said Transportation Director Pat Jones.

Added Shadeville Elementary Principal Nick Weaver, “Mr. Bochnia will be remembered by Shadeville parents, students, and staff alike as reliable, hardworking, and loyal.”

Sandra Campbell
Sandra Campbell retired after 14 years of dedicated service to Wakulla County Schools and Medart Elementary School in particular as a custodian.

“You couldn’t help but smile when you interacted with Mrs. Sandra. I was fortunate enough to work with her over the last three years at Medart, and cannot think of anyone who embodied the Medart spirit more than she did.

“She was ready to assist when needed, loved to serve others, and built positive relationships with co-workers and students. She is missed by her Mustang family, but we hope she is enjoying her retirement,” said MES Principal Stan Ward.

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