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Current Safety Measures & FAQs

Emergency / Safety Fast Facts
  • Emergency Management - Critical Incident Response
    Wakulla County Schools (WCS) takes an all hazards approach in its emergency management and preparedness initiatives. The Wakulla County School Board has adopted the National Incident Management System
Examples of Our Safety Measures
Below are examples of the kinds of measures the Wakulla School District has incorporated in the comprehensive school safety strategy.
  • Security cameras have been placed in every facility within the school district.
  • Bus loading/drop off areas monitored by staff
  • CPR and First Aid training for staff
  • TEACH (Techniques for Effective Adolescent and Child Handling)
  • Comprehensive safety plans for each school updated annually--plans include evacuation, shelter-in-place, parent communication
  • Staff members designated to assist special needs students in an emergency/crisis
  • Employee/visitor identification badges
  • Designated parking for students, staff, visitors
  • Crisis plans updated regularly to reflect current climate and level of risk
  • Crisis management teams in all schools
  • Regular maintenance and testing of security alarm systems
  • Fire safety drills conducted as required
  • Defibrillators tested regularly
  • Entrance and Exit signs clearly marked and visible and maintained (signs such as No Smoking, Jessica Lunsford Act, check in at main office and so forth)
  • Appropriate identification required of adults signing out students
Have Questions?

Contact Jim Griner by phone at 850-926-0065 or by email at james.griner@wcsb.us if you have any questions.
Visiting,Volunterring or Doing Business with Us?
Visiting a School?
1. Always check in at the main office 
2. Legally park your vehicle 
3. Have and present a valid source of identification
Volunteering or Doing Business with us?
Remember to check the current background-check requirements.
Safety FAQ's
Each school follows a sign-out procedure when students need to leave during the day. Children may be released only to individuals who are authorized to pick them up. Again, it's very important that the information on the emergency information card at the school is updated.
It would depend on several factors, including the level of threat and the advice of local, state, and federal officials. The safety of students and staff would be the primary concern in any decision.
If an emergency prevents the safe evacuation of students from school, students would be kept in their classrooms or another designated area in the school that is away from the danger. Entrances to the school are secured, ensuring that no unauthorized person enters the building.
Appropriate decisions will be made depending on the age of the children and the nature of the situation.
If your child takes medication, be sure that the school has an appropriate amount on hand. If you have questions, contact the school health aide or nurse.
It's important to talk to your child now and let him/her know that their teachers will give them instructions. This is also a good time to talk with your child about safety.
The impact on field trips depends on the specific circumstances, which are monitored carefully. During times of crisis, the district will also follow the direction of local, state, and federal officials. If safety is an issue, field trips would be canceled. If students are already on a field trip, they could be directed to return to the school or to a designated safe area. As a reminder, the district retains the right to cancel any field trip or activity for safety reasons and is not responsible for any financial obligation of parents.
Parents will be kept informed through the media and/or Connect-Ed. Please do not call the school which needs the phone lines open to deal with the emergency.
Buses are equipped with communication devices and drivers are in contact with the Transportation Department. Depending on the crisis, the driver would receive directions about how to proceed and where children should be taken. In addition, parents would be notified as soon as possible through the media and/or Connect-Ed. Remember, it's very important that the school have updated parental contact information.
If an accident or attack occurred that caused the air to be contaminated in nearby areas, students would remain in the school. All doors and windows would be closed, and the air system would be shut down to prevent air from being drawn into the building. This is a short-term measure to temporarily separate people from a hazardous outdoor environment.
All schools have an emergency preparedness plan and staff have been trained in how to deal with emergencies. The response will differ based on the situation. Procedures for different situations, roles and responsibilities of administration and staff, designation of crisis teams, use of critical response kits, and designation of evacuation routes and sites are all noted. All plans are reviewed and updated annually and when needed. Crisis teams receive updated training as needed.
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