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Approved Vendors

Approved Information Technology Vendors

Bradenton, FL

Product and Description
Varied K-12 Educational Programs
K 12 elearning SaaS programs for teachers, students and administrators

San Marcos, CA
www.borderlan.com or www.lightspeedsystems.com

Product and Description

Lightspeed Systems
Content Filtering: filters all web traffic with accuracy and reliability, on workstations inside the network and on laptops outside the network, proxy detection and blocking, YouTube Educational Library, and it is required by CIPA if you receive federal funding.


Louisville, CO

Product and Description
UltraLock USB Flash Drive
USB Flash drive with FIPs 140-2 encryption application and McAFEE anti-virus scanning. intended for securely transferring data.

Orange, CA

Product and Description

Internet Filtering and Reporting Appliance
Monitoring, filtering and reporting on internet usage.


Tallahassee, FL

Product and Description
Collaborative, interactive, 3D reporting of your data.


Product and Description



Fenton, MO

Product and Description

Smart Shield Smart Control 
???????Smart Shield - core technology is reboot/restore Smart Control - resource manager, controlling Smart Shield (client) from a server or workstation from a secure central location


Easton, PA

Product and Description
First In Math Online Program
Mathematics Curriculum Supplement for Grades K through 8.


Orlando, FL

Product and Description
Panda Cloud Protection
This will be for the entire school's Antivirus needs for the laptops & workstation protection against viruses and trojans.

Bloomington, MN

Product and Description
PLATO Learning Environment
Response to Intervention Credit Recovery/Credit Accrual At-Risk Enrichment/Remediation Re teaching Individualized Instruction Whole Group Instruction Small Group Instruction Tutoring ELL Solutions Dropout Prevention Special Education Before and After School Programs Interim Alternative Education Settings

Lawrenceville, GA

Product and Description
Promethean (and many others)
21st Century Classroom products- Interactive Whitebaords, Classroom Software, Audio Enhancement, Student Response Systems (LRS), Professional Development


Product and Description

Kid's College
Kid's College® is an online educational solution that incorporates standards-based curriculum in Math, Literacy & Science with Adaptive Technology and sports video games to create an individualized, effective, and engaging learning experience for every student. Kid's College Adaptive Technology automatically adjusts Math, Literacy & Science curriculum to remediate or accelerate each student based on his/her personal needs and skills gaps, which are automatically diagnosed by built-in assessments. A text-to-speech tool is available with the program to provide the assistive technology required for youth with reading disabilities, low level reading skills, or LEP challenges to independently engage in the program. Across the country, young people are having so much fun using Kid's College, they often do not realize how much they are learning. Kid's College rewards students with brief playing time in their favorite sports video game when they correctly answer standards-aligned Math, Reading/Language Arts and Science questions. Extensive data reporting provides critical documentation and accountability -- to include utilization statistics, performance and progress reports at the district, school, class and individual student level.

Tampa, FL
www.elpcorp.com or www.tuneintoreading.com

Product and Description

TUNEinto Reading
Web based Reading Improvement program for grades 1-12

Tallahassee, FL

Product and Description

Audio Visual
Our products aide teachers in efficient use of teaching time that also hold students attention. From projectors and screens to audio systems and SMART Boards the technology we sell, service and install allows students and teachers to keep up with current technology.

Oldsmar, FL

Product and Description

Networking/Telecom Hardware
Voice/Data Communication


Deltona, FL

Product and Description

Interactive classroom products
The products are intended to make the classroom interactive from both a teacher and student perspective. Interactive whiteboard technology, wireless slate technology, document camera, student response system are all controlled from within one pice of software that allows for the capture of all information for future use. Lessons can be prepared or prepared lessons (many tied to Florida Sunshine Standards) are available for download. When combined with out audio products, complete lessons with voice can easily be captured and voice added to lessons for pre-training excersises and additional explanation which can easily be used to incorporate blended learning in any classroom. We also offer a stable wireless device to connect any computer to any projector eliminating the cost to run cable to a projector.


Manassas, VA

Product and Description
Ipad cases and charging docks
For protecting the Ipads in the district, recharging and sync

Nashville, TN

Product and Description

Discovery Education Assessment
Discovery Education interim benchmarks are used to monitor student progress toward state and district learning targets. It is intended to provide valuable feedback throughout the year so that educators can identify achievement gaps and adjust instruction accordingly.


Manassas, Va

Product and Description

EarthWalk Laptop and iPad Mobile Labs
Storage and charging of laptops, iPads and other mobile devices


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