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Wakulla Virtual School Options

The Wakulla County School District is pleased to offer quality virtual instruction programs for students in grades K-12.

All eligible students in grades K-12 have the right to participate in full-time or part-time virtual instruction programs.
*The K-5th grade student virtual option is through FLVS (Florida Virtual School)

To enroll or learn more about any of the Virtual School Options, contact Sunny Chancy at 850-926-0065 or email her at sunny.chancy@wcsb.us

The next enrollment window for virtual education students will be from May 16, 2016 - August 15, 2016.

Wakulla Virtual School (WVS) is a public school in Wakulla County for students in grades 6-12.  Students in this program take a minimum of 6 online courses through the Wakulla  Virtual School (WVS) and are expected to follow the pacing guides for each virtual course. 

Administrative approval is required to modify WVS schedules.  All grade levels and/or courses that require standardized testing will occur through the school the student is geographically zoned for. For high school credit courses that involve an End-of-Course (EOC) exam, students must be 85% complete with the semester 2 to participate in the EOC exam.

 Enrollment Process

  1. View the Edgenuity Florida Course List to help decide which course(s) you want to take.
  2. Fill out the Enrollment Forms: Click to complete the necessary registration forms. 
  3. Contact Sunny Chancy at 850-926-0065 to set up an appointment.
  4. After you have contacted Sunny Chancy, click here to enroll in the program for WVS

The WCVS will be using a program titled Edgenuity for secondary school students.  This program:

  • Allows the school district to support students as they participate in WCVS
  • Bases classes on the School year calendar
  • Requires students to take state and district assessments

The part-time virtual option allows students to take an additional course if they desire to.  Students must meet the ACCEL (Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning) Criteria.  This criteria includes:

  • “A” in subject requested for both semesters
  • Core Courses Average of 3.5 or higher (A=4, B=3, C=2). Add points and divide by number of semesters for average
  • Level 4 or 5 (above average) on State Assessment in area requested; 3 or higher in other areas tested
  • Acceptable attendance and acceptable Discipline record

Enrollment Process

1. Meet with school counselor to discuss appropriate courses.

2. Fill out the appropriate online course registration form below.

Riversprings Middle School

Wakulla Middle School

Wakulla High School

3. Fill out and have your parents sign the ACCEL form. Return the form to your guidance counselor.
  ACCEL Form