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Wakulla School Board Honors Employees Bickford and Hudson


May 21, 2018



Wakulla County School Board Employees of the Month for May were honored at the Wakulla County School Board Meeting on May 21, 2018.


Said Superintendent Bobby Pearce, “Employees Alice Bickford and Missy Hudson were selected by their peers and supervisors to be recognized for their positive impact on the Wakulla County students, staff, and community.  We are happy to be able to honor them for their service.”




Crawfordville Elementary chose Exceptional Student Education paraprofessional Alice Bickford as the May Employee of the Month because of her positive nature and helpful attitude.


After growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Bickford attended Florida State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Child Development.


She worked at childcare and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten centers for 7 years, then started to volunteer at her children’s school, Crawfordville Elementary.  “I really enjoy working with children, so after a year of volunteering, I became a substitute teacher.”


Within a few months of substituting, she accepted a full-time position at CES.  She just completed her third school year as a paraprofessional working with an Exceptional Student Education teacher in the Varying Exceptionalities classroom.


“Mrs. Bickford is a great team member,” says CES Principal Belinda McElroy.  “Working in a Varying Exceptionalities self-contained classroom means working very closely with a teacher, other paraprofessionals, behavior specialists, a speech pathologist, an occupational therapist, a music therapist, and more.  She works well with her peers and is an excellent communicator.”  


Notes Bickford, “I love to help the children learn and watch them grow and progress in their development.  It is amazing to see how proud they are of themselves when they have mastered a new skill.”


For example, “The joy of watching a boy who refused to hold a pencil learn to write his name and watching a girl learn to communicate for the first time is worth every minute of struggle.  The children make sure I return every day for those ‘I love you Mrs. Alice’ moments.”


As a parent, she has served on the School Advisory Council at Wakulla Middle School for two years.


Adds Principal McElroy, “She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  That’s pretty amazing considering she works day in and day out with students who face a great deal of challenges.  Watching her sit with two or three students and guide their instruction is a joy.  When the lightbulb clicks on and they finally ‘get it’, she lights up just like they do.”


“Crawfordville Elementary is very blessed to have Alice Bickford on the CES Cougar team.”




Roxanne “Missy” Hudson was chosen by her peers and supervisors as a May Employee of the Month.


She has worked as a paraprofessional at Riversprings Middle School for 14 years.  Before that, she was a bus driver for Wakulla High School and Wakulla Pre-Kindergarten students for 10 years.


Says RMS Principal Michele Yeomans, “I have worked with Missy since I arrived at RMS in 2006. She is an amazing paraprofessional.  She does anything that is asked and also takes initiative to do tasks above and beyond the call of duty.  Missy is in charge of the copy room, substitutes in the classrooms, does all our bus requests, and assists in the main office when needed.”


Adds Hudson, “I like that no day is the same.  When I get to work in the mornings, I never know where I’ll be or what I am going to do that day.  I love working with teachers, students, and other staff members on a daily basis.”


“A great experience I had this year was when I was asked to attend the 8th grade World History trip to Epcot.  I was able to interact with many of the students on a personal level.  Now when these students see me at school, they come up to me and ask me questions and interact with me in a way they didn’t before the trip.  They see me as a person instead of just another grown up or employee.”


Adds Principal Yeomans, “Missy is a true asset to RMS.  She is a team player and displays a love for our school and everyone in it daily.”