Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS)

The purpose of the FLKRS is to gather information about a child’s overall development and readiness for kindergarten.  The FLKRS is administered to all kindergarten students during the first 30 days of school.  Teachers observe students during classroom activities and complete a checklist to indicate students’ skills, knowledge and behavior. 


Florida Standards Assessments (FSA)
FSA – Florida Standards Assessments: The Florida Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts were approved by the Florida State Board of Education in February 2014 and were implemented in grades K-12 beginning in the 2014-2015 school year.  The Florida Standards Assessments include; grades 3-10 English Language Arts (Writing component in grades 4-10), and grades 3 -8 Mathematics. These assessments are administered in March – May.


Florida End-of-Course Assessments (EOC)
End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments: Students in any grade completing courses in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology 1, U.S. History, or Civics (or their equivalent courses) are required to take an EOC.  These assessments are administered in April and May.


Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT 2.0)
Statewide Science Assessment: The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT 2.0) measures science skills at grades 5 and 8 based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS).  FCAT 2.0 Science is administered in April.


Florida Standards Alternate Assessment-FSAA
FSAA - Florida Standards Alternate Assessment
: Beginning in Spring 2016, the new Florida Standards Alternate Assessment will be administered to students with significant cognitive disabilities.  Grades 3-10, ELA, Grades 3-8 Mathematics and EOC exams for Algebra 1 and Geometry are aligned to the Florida Standards-Access Points.  Grades 5 and 8 Science and Biology 1 EOC are aligned to the NGSSS Access Points.  The FSAA will be administered February 29 – April 29.


Other Assessments


International Advanced Placement Exams
AP exams are administered to students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses.  These exams are administered according to the testing schedule provided by College Board.  They usually take place in early May.


Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT)
The PSAT/NMSQT, similar in design to the SAT, is the qualifying examination for the National Merit Scholarship Program for grade 11 students.  The PSAT is administered in October to grade 10 students and select grade 9 and 11 students.

American College Test (ACT) and Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT)

The SAT and ACT scores can be used for scholarships, for admission to most colleges, and for placement in classes at any community college. The tests are offered several times a year for a fee. Ask in the WHS Guidance Department for ACT and SAT packets or go online to register. Information about the ACT is available at
actstudent.org.  To learn more about SAT, visit sat.collegeboard.com.


Discovery Education Assessment (DEA)
DEA is administered to grade K – 5 students three times per year.  DEA is a benchmark assessment, and results are used to guide instruction to meet identified needs of students. 


Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading – Florida Standards (FAIR-FS)
FAIR-FS is a screening and interim reading assessment administered to middle school students and select high school students.  The results are used to determine progress in reading and align intervention as necessary.