Gifted Program
About Gifted

Students in the Gifted program have superior intellectual development and are capable of high performance. Wakulla County classes for students who are gifted are designed to encourage:

*Creativity *Productive thinking * Leadership  *Independent study  *General intellect

View the Gifted Procedural Safeguards from the DOE
State Board Rule for Determining Gifted Eligibility

If you have questions, please contact Tanya English at 850-926-0065 or the school your child attends.

Gifted Teachers

The Wakulla County School District currently supports a cluster grouping classroom model for gifted students.  This allows gifted students at each grade level to receive challenging instruction from a teacher with or pursuing the Gifted Endorsement.

Crawfordville's Gifted Teachers

Miranda Bowen
Kristen Brazier
Renee Kelly

Riversink Gifted Teachers

Katrina Roddenberry
Molly Jones
Shari Smith

Medart's Gifted Teachers

Betsy Jones

Shadeville's Gifted Teachers

Christina Nall
Laura Braley
Riverspring's Gifted Teachers

Bill Taylor
Jessica Wells
Jennifer Thaxton
Wakulla Middle's Gifted Teachers

Derek Miller
Angela Nichols
Jammie (Bree) Lovell
Wakulla High's Gifted Teachers

Angela Gentry

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